Nazik Osman
Sudanese activist Nazik Osman

A Sudanese-Australian activist has received a deadly warning from a visiting Sudanese minister after she labeled the military regime “corrupt”. Nazik Osman has called for the senior Sudanese government minister to be banned from Australia after he allegedly threatened her.

KHARTOUM SEPTEMBER 11: According to ABC News Australia, Sudan’s Minerals Minister Mohamed Bashir Abunammu was recorded making the alleged threat in Sudanese Arabic on September 1 after being confronted by Ms Osman outside the Africa Down Under conference. Ms. Osman left Sudan as a refugee with her family in 2001. Osman was streaming the meeting live on Facebook, and the threat could be heard by all who listened to her broadcast.


Before fleeing from Sudan, Ms Osman was a activist and lawyer supporting women’s rights and advocating on behalf of victims of domestic violence. She still receive threats in Australia because of her activism.

Ms Osman said she had objected to “the exploitation of Sudanese gold and other minerals”. Russia are stealing gold from Sudan to finance war efforts in Ukraine.

Ms Osman believes that Mr Abunammu should be banned from entering Australia and said her right to feel safe and protest should be protected. The Sudanese embassy in Canberra has not responded on the matter.

Image: Social Media/twitter

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