The world of the dark web

The world of the dark web

The visible internet is just one small part of the World Wide Web (WWW), and the vast majority is the deep web and the dark web. It is not known for sure how big the deep web is. But it is certainly much larger than the surface/visible one (by some estimates even 500 times larger).

Dark web, what is it?

Darkweb means a group of websites that work on an encrypted network. Sites of the dark web hide their identities using the Tor browser encryption tool. You may know about the Tor browser because of it is able to conceal your activity and identity. Tor can be used to trace your location so that it looks like you are in another country, which is similar to using a VPN service. Actually it is deceiving the trace of the physical site.

How to use dark web?

In order to present a page, you can use Tor. Just as a user’s IP is displayed through a few letters of encryption, so it looks like some other IP address is offline, the same thing happens with such websites. In other words, they mislead the physical sites of both visitors and those behind Tor sites.

Not every page is using Tor. There are some similar services like I2P, such as Silk Road Reloaded. But it works the same.


Who are users of the dark web?

Darkweb sites can be visited by anyone. But it is extremely difficult to find out who is behind those sites. It can also be dangerous if you go astray and your identity gets revealed.

Among the people who do not know enough about this topic, the prevailing opinion is that there are exclusively criminals for trafficking, selling drugs, hacking tool and child pornography. Even though it is happening, it is also used by human rights activists, journalists and users who share sensitive information.

DarkWeb: Within the DarkWeb, there exist emerging social media platforms similar to those on the World Wide Web. Facebook and other traditional social media platforms have begun to make dark-web versions of their websites to address problems associated with the traditional platforms and to continue their service in all areas of the World Wide Web.

What are the benefits of the dark web?

The main benefit of the darkweb is anonymity and high level of privacy. It is used to bridge restrictions, that are restrictions on visiting certain sites. For example, in China, there are restrictions on visiting Facebook and Twitter. However, some countries, such as China and Russia, intend to pass a law declaring the use of anonymous surfing software (such as TOR) illegal.

What are the dangers of the dark web?

Just as the main benefit, the main danger of the dark web is anonymity and high level of privacy. Undeniably, dark web technology is also used by criminals to engage in illegal activities.

Symantec’s latest online security report provides details on products and services available through the darkweb. These include credit cards, passports, gift cards, but also ransomware tools and banking trojans.


Like the surface internet, the dark web has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people use this web against the repressive regime and some to engage in illegal activities. In any case, debate will continue in the future on whether the benefits of services such as TOR outweigh the negative aspects.

It is not well-known how many websites are using dark web for illegal activity. Interesting fact is that the US government founded the TOR to protect communication from its agents.

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