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More Brutal Assaults By The Illegal Coup Authorities

People went out in massive demonstrations in Khartoum this week. The Doctors Committee reports 98 injuries on May 12. The Doctors also reports a attack on an 11-day-old child. Some mysterious injuries by a new weapon, were also reported.

KHARTOUM May 14: People went out in massive demonstrations in Khartoum and a number of other cities in the country this week as part of the Marches of Millions called by the resistance committees against the illegal coup regime. Some mysterious injuries, possibly caused by a new weapon, were reported.

The Doctors’ Committee stated: “We draw the attention of those interested, specialists, human rights defenders, violations and all relevant parties to the continued and repeated use of a new type of weapons that repeatedly cause fractures among an estimated number of rebels and at the same time, and that this type of injury is strange B and unusual, which makes us suspicious of the use An unknown new device causes these injuries without causing injury or visible impact, and according to the injured, they experienced an electric shock or tremors during the injury.”

Demonstrations took place in Khartoum, Port Sudan, Wad Madani, El Gedaref and other Sudanese cities.

Central Sudan Medical Committee reports: “(98) injuries reported on May 12, including (13) scattered gunshots – most likely with a shotgun – including an unstable head injury, (13) tear gas cylinders head injuries, and (5) sound grenades, one of which called for surgical intervention A, and (3) hit-and-run cases by tracking vehicles For the forces of the regime.”

The Committee also reports a very outrageous case concerning the coup forces’ attack on an 11-day-old child: “the coup forces threw a tear gas container inside a house in Khartoum city, causing choking a 11-day-old child and his family, and the newborn baby was brought to the hospital in an unstable and serious condition.”

Image: Tim Freccia/Enough Project

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