Six Sudanese soldiers killed by Rapid Support Forces, 150 pickup trucks of the RSF, transport vehicles, 250 motorcycles, militiamen on horseback, mass murder of children, women and elderly people, far more than 200 dead Sudanese nationals, theft of drugs from pharmacies. It is also significant that it is always drug classified drugs that are stolen by Rapid Support Forces.

Khartoum April 26: Clashes between Janjaweed and local farmers in Sudan’s West Darfur state that killed more than 200 people over the weekend. The mayhem that began Friday followed the discovery April 21 of two nomads’ bodies near Hashaba village, outside of the town of Kreinik.

Just before the attack in Kreinik on Sunday, mobile networks went down across West Darfur, a familiar feature ahead of a major assault by the Janjaweed, who were largely incorporated into the RSF.

People reported seeing planes flying low over the city before, moments later, about 150 pickup trucks of the RSF and transport vehicles with no identification arrived carrying gunmen.

According to a preliminary report, 201 bodies have been identified in roads and other public places, but the death toll is likely to climb, said Assadiq Mohammed, head of West Darfur’s humanitarian department.

Kreinik Massacre by Rapid Support Forces

The Displacement Tracking Matrix in Sudan, produced by the U.N. International Organization for Migration, estimates that 7,500 to 12,500 households around Kreinik sought refuge in a local military compound over the weekend.

Adam Zachariah, a physician at Al Geneina’s main hospital, spoke with South Sudan in Focus reporters Monday. He said armed Arab nomads had stormed the hospital, demanding treatment for their colleagues wounded in the clashes.

“The exchange of gunfire continues this morning,” Zachariah said, adding that six Sudanese soldiers reportedly were killed by the Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary group.

Many questions must be asked. Was the killing of Sudanese soldiers from the regular army sanctioned by al-Burhan? Why is Sudan’s Deputy Chairman killing his own people? Was it Al-Burhan who ordered the massacre? Will there be a new “investigation” that leads nowhere? What did the Rapid Support Force’s personnel and materials do there during the massacre? Has Mohamed Dagalo declared war against Sudan?

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