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Children With Cancer In Sudan Hopeful For A Better Future

Children with cancer in Sudan staying in a mansion in Khartoum. Civil wars and lack of public funding have depleted Sudans health resources as organisations face monumental challenges. But this place offers good care for cancerous children, and gives them hope for the future.

Children with cancer in Sudan staying in a mansion named “There is hope in us” in the capital Khartoum. They come from different cities in the East African country, and thanks to the support of the “We Are All Worth” association their nutritional and therapeutic needs are taken care of.

Civil wars, tribal conflicts and lack of public funding have depleted Sudan’s health resources as cancer organisations face monumental challenges to provide care.

While eight centres across Sudan offer chemotherapy sessions to patients, most are not working currently due to an acute crisis in the availability of medicine.

“Sudan is considered one of the leading countries in the field of cancer treatment in Africa. The collapse of the cancer treatment system in Sudan and the deterioration and destruction of services were caused by the lack of a strategy to combat cancer and an absence of private financing as well as by wars, conflicts and a weak public budget” – Dr Lara Idris, Quality Manager, Chief Radiation Therapist at the Khartoum Oncology Hospital.

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