Al-Burhan Threatens To Oust UN Envoy

Al-Burhan - Military Junta

The leader of the military junta in Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, is threatening to expel the UN special envoy to the country, Volker Perthes. Al-Burhan has also previously attacked foreign diplomats. The coup leader is reluctant to have foreign witnesses to the assaults that take place on his orders.

Burhan accuses Perthes of interfering in Sudan’s internal affairs and claims that the UN envoy is acting far beyond his mandate.

– To the UN envoy Volker: If you go beyond the mandate, then we will throw you out of Sudan, the coupleader said in a speech to newly trained cadets at the military academy in Khartoum on Saturday. True to his habit, al-Burhan is very sharp in his statements when he is surrounded by young men.

Perthes warned last week that both the economy and the security situation in Sudan could collapse completely if a political solution is not found in the country.

In the past, al-Burhan has threatened to expel all foreign diplomats. 92 unarmed protesters have been murdered by the Sudanese coup forces under the leadership of al-Burhan.

Al-Burhan, as leader of the military junta, is also known for introducing a new kind of diplomacy: “give us the money, or we shoot” diplomacy.

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