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Russia Sanctions: Sudan Welcomes Cooperation with Russia!

Sudan’s deputy head of state, coup maker Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, said on Wednesday his country had no problem with Russia. Sudan has now, in the midst of sanctions against Russia, signed an agreement with Russia regarding a Russian military base within Sudan.

Sudan’s deputy head of state said on Wednesday his country had no problem with Russia or any other country opening a naval base on its Red Sea coast, provided it posed no threat to national security.

“We have 730 kilometres along the Red Sea. If any country wants to open a base and it is in our interests and doesn’t threaten our national security we have no problem in dealing with anyone, Russian or otherwise,” he said, emphasising the base was under the purview of the defence minister.

Moscow has long sought warm water ports for its navy. President Vladimir Putin published a decree in November 2020 saying he had approved a Russian government proposal to set up a naval logistics hub in Sudan.

Russian President Putin has launched an unprovoked military attack against Ukraine. The EU is responding in strong terms, by adopting a robust package of restrictive measures. The United States is doing the same, perhaps even tougher sanctions. Virtually the whole world agrees and stands behind the sanctions.

Except Sudan. Coup maker Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo suddenly finds himself playing Gaddafi. In an attack of greatness madness and Presidential dreams, Dagalo believes he can become one of the great players in the world. He can not realize his own insignificance.

For a long time, Sudan has been subject to various sanctions, always due to military attempts to think. Dagalo acts as if he is President and will be in power forever. He makes decisions that will affect the people of Sudan for decades to come.

Belarus has taken a stand for Russia, and is now subject to the same sanctions as Russia. It looks like Mohamed Dagalo wants the same suffering for the people of Sudan. He wants the Sudanese people to be sanctioned and included in the terrorist list, again.

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo is a true desert bandit from Chad.

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