At least two protesters were shot dead by coup forces today. Police say that they acted with reasonable legal force. The deliberate slaughter ordered by al-Burhan and Dagalo continues.

At least two protesters were shot dead as coup forces confronted crowds marching in Sudan on Monday demanding the release of prisoners and an end to military rule.

Thousands returned to the streets in the capital Khartoum and across Sudan in some of the largest demonstrations against October’s military coup in nearly a month.

At least 81 people have been killed by coup forces since October 2021, according to Central Committee of Sudan Doctors CCSD’s.

Sudan Central Committee of Doctors announced: “The soul of the martyr rose a while ago – Munzer Abdul Rahim Mohammed. After he was hit by a live bullet in his left shoulder, he was broken into the chest by the revolutionary forces of power during the 14th of February in the procession of Omdraman heading towards the parliament.”

“The revolutionary power continues its violations against humanity with excessive violence and blood pressure of peaceful protesters in our land.”

– End statement –

It is not impossible that the death toll will rise in the next few hours. Since the coup forces do not show any restraint at all. It is a deliberate slaughter ordered by al-Burhan and Dagalo.

The Sudanese police said one protestor was killed, while 102 policemen were severely injured, according to the police’s media office on Facebook. A source that has a recognized low credibility.

The police did not explain how the protestor died, but said the demonstrations went awry with protesters encroaching on important strategic buildings and institutions, smashing glass windows and buildings’ fronts. “Nevertheless, the police acted with reasonable legal force,” they added.

Moreover, I think al-Burhan has lost all dignity, honor and identity.
He is an enemy of God, the Sudanese, and the humanity.

Sudan: Human Rights Watch About The Brutal Oppression

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