Sudan Coup Forces Signals Tougher Line On UN Mediation

Mohamed Dagalo - Sudan Massacre

Mohamed Dagalo, Hemetti signals a tougher attitude towards international attempts to resolve the crisis in Sudan. He wants to avoid transparency in so-called domestic affairs. By domestic affairs, he probably means the ongoing massacre of unarmed protesters.

The deputy head of Sudans military-led Sovereign Council ( Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo) said on Saturday, January 29th, a U.N. envoy should be working as a “facilitator and not a mediator”, signalling an seemingly tougher line towards international efforts to resolve the political crisis, created by al-Burhan’s military coup.

“The head of the United Nations’ Integrated Transition Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) should be a facilitator and not a mediator,” the Council’s deputy head, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, said in a statement. The Council was not shunning the international community but “rejects interference in domestic affairs,” he said.

He did not explain what he means by domestic affairs. But he probably means the ongoing massacre of unarmed protesters.

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, began his career in a gang of bandits known as the Janjaweed Desert Tribe. Known for their arbitrary murders, thefts, child rapes and massacres of hundreds of thousands of humans. Today he is the leader of the Rapid Support Forces and deputy head of the coup administration. Rapid Support Forces consist largely of Dagalo’s friends from the Janjaweed militia.

Moreover, I think al-Burhan has lost all dignity, honor and identity.
He is an enemy of God, the Sudanese, and the humanity.

Image: US Institute of Peace

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