Sudanese Coup Forces Raid Media House In Khartoum


Khartoum: Sudanese Coup forces raid the offices of Saudi-owned broadcaster Al Arabiya. The Coup maker al-Burhan later sent a representative of him to apologize to the channel for the attack. The incident was well documented by surveillance cameras.

Sudanese Coup forces, probably from Rapid Support Forces, raid the offices of Saudi-owned broadcaster Al Arabiya and its sister outlet Al Hadath in Khartoum, attacking journalists and confiscating equipment. Surveillance cameras broadcast by the channel documented the assault and the security members who attacked them.

The attack took place during the mass demonstrations against al-Burhans military rule.

The coup forces carried out unprecedented assaults targeting journalists who covered the 30th December 30 protests in Khartoum in a bid to discourage them from covering the anti-coup protests. Instead, their actions have drawn even more international attention.

The coup forces stormed the office of Al-Arabiya television where they beat journalists, seized mobile phones vandalized equipment, and threw tear gas in the different offices.

The director of the Al-Hadath TV office in Khartoum, Lina Yaqoub, after the assault, stated that a joint security force expressed anger over the channel coverage of the protests and accused her of taking the side of the street.

According to the Sudan Tribune, Al Arabiya said al-Burhan had later sent a representative to apologize to the channel for the attack. There is no information on whether this Burhan representative also replaced vandalized equipment, or returned stolen goods.

With all surveillance images, it should not be difficult to identify and punish the culprits.

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