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Sudan Protests: Sudanese Rally In New Anti-Coup Protests

Sudan Protests: Thousands of Sudanese protesters are marching in the capital and across the country to denounce the October military coup. Coup forces responds brutally with tear gas and stun grenades.

Thousands of Sudanese protesters are marching in the capital, Khartoum, and across the country to denounce the October military coup and subsequent deal that reinstated the prime minister but sidelined the pro-democracy movement.

Masses took to the streets on Saturday even as authorities tightened security across the capital, deploying troops and closing all bridges over the Nile River linking Khartoum with its twin city of Omdurman and the district of Bahri, the state-run SUNA news agency reported.

Sudanese coup forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital as the opponents of military rule marched towards the presidential palace, a witness said, while internet services in the city were also cut.

Locals were also unable to make or receive calls domestically.

In neighbouring Omdurman on Saturday, security forces also fired tear gas at protesters around 2 km away from a bridge connecting the city to central Khartoum.

U.N. Special Representative to Sudan, Volker Perthes urged Sudanese authorities not to stand in the way of the planned demonstrations.

“I urge the Sudanese authorities and the security forces to protect today’s planned demonstrations. Freedom of expression is a human right. This includes full access to the internet. No one should be arrested for his or her intention to protest peacefully”, Volker Perthes said.

Featured Image: Hind Mekki

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