International Funding Paused For Sudan After Burhans Military Coup


Sudan was unable to access $650 million in international funding in November. Gabriel Ibrahim said Sudan would seek investments from wealthy and friendly Gulf Arab states.

Sudan was unable to access $650 million in international funding in November when assistance was paused after a coup, the finance minister of the dissolved government said – a freeze that puts in doubt basic import payments and the fate of economic reforms.

The financing included $500 million in budget support from the World Bank and $150 million in special drawing rights from the International Monetary Fund. Foreign funding was seen as crucial in helping Sudan emerge from decades of isolation and supporting a transition towards democracy.

The October 25 military coup by al-Burhan upended that transition. The United States has put on hold $700 million in economic assistance since the military coup and the World Bank, which had promised $2 billion in grants, has paused disbursements.

Dr. Gibril Ibrahim Mohammed aka Gabriel Ibrahim said the main impact of the freeze in international support would be on development projects covering areas including water supply, electricity, agriculture, health and transport.

Ibrahim said Sudan would seek investment rather than grants from wealthy Gulf Arab states that now face their own economic challenges. “Up till now there have not been any big promises of support from any country, Arab or non-Arab, but contacts with all friendly states continue,” he said.

Gabriel Ibrahim avoided mentioning that most countries are friendly. But they support the Sudanese people. Not power-mad military and corrupt politicians. Why would they send money to them?

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