Sudan Facing Possible Lockdown

Omicron - Lockdown

The Omicron Threat: The health authorities in Sudan are seriously considering a total lockdown of the country if citizens refuse act in accordance with directives.

A member of the Sovereign Council, Chairman of the Higher Committee for Health Emergencies, Dr. Abdul-Baqi Abdul Qader al-Zubair, proposed a nationwide lockdown across Sudan. If citizens refuse to follow the directives of the Committee and the Security and Defense Council.

The call comes after the growing concern following the discovery of the new variant of Covid-19. At the same time, we receive reports that the coup forces are preventing people from getting vaccinated. But it is clear, that the Omicron variant worries both authorities and individuals

Omicron & Covid-19

It is not yet clear whether Omicron is more transmissible (more easily spread from person to person) compared to other variants, including Delta. It is not yet clear whether infection with this vaiant causes more severe disease compared to infections with other variants, including Delta.

Preliminary data suggests that there are increasing rates of hospitalization in South Africa. But this may be due to increasing overall numbers of people becoming infected. Rather than a result of specific infection with Omicron.

Initial reported infections were among university students — younger individuals who tend to have more mild disease. But understanding the level of severity of the Omicron variant will take days to several weeks.

Current vaccines remain effective against severe disease and death.

Image: Daniel Capilla

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