Crimes Against Humanity: At least 43 people have been killed and many others injured by live ammunition and tear gas fired by coup forces during the protests. The violence has impacted Sudan doctors, health workers, hospitals and patients. It must be concluded that the forces have been ordered to systematically attack hospitals and medical staff and patients.

Two Sudan doctors have been killed, wounded demonstrators have been prevented from receiving medical treatment at hospitals, patients have been denied access to COVID-19 treatment, and at least two health workers have been detained.

Insecurity Insight has documented abuses during the period 26 October and 16 November and the report is now available for download. The incidents reported are not a complete nor a representative list of all incidents that affected the provision of health care and have not been independently verified. Data collection is ongoing and data may change as more information is made available.If you have additional information on an incident documented here, or a new incident, please do not hesitate to get in TOUCH.


SSA For Hospital Staff


Another useful tool for hospital staff and others concerned is the Surveillance System for Attacks on Health Care by the World Health Organization. The SSA collects data on attacks on health care wherever they occur in the world and monitors their impact on the affected population’s health, all using a standardized approach.

The tool is aimed at various audiences. These include, of course, health-care personnel and those responsible for the security of health facilities, but also international and national governmental and non-governmental organizations, academics and anyone else interested in this issue.

Another advantage of the SSA over other systems is that the data we collect is publicly available: anyone can review both individual incidents and aggregated trends and use them for their own analysis. University students or researchers, for example, might find this useful.

It may also be useful tool to Sudan doctors and to international legal staff when it comes to holding abusers accountable.

These are the reports for Sudan

Image: Albert González Farran UNAMID

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