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Sudan Police Attacked Hospitals

Crimes Against Humanity: One or two hospital attacks can be blamed on undisciplined or simply mentally disturbed forces. But when the phenomenon is repeated again and again, it must be concluded that the forces have been ordered to systematically attack hospitals and medical staff and patients. There is no doubt that the coup forces have been ordered to systematically attack hospitals and medical staff. This observation is very important.

When legal liability is to be claimed in an international court it is important to be able to show that the atrocities was purposefully committed as part of a widespread or systematic policy.

According to Sudan Doctors Committee coup forces have targeted hospitals and blocked injured protesters from treatment since al-Burhans military seized control of Sudan. Coup forces have stopped ambulances, entered emergency rooms to arrest patients, and fired tear gas inside at least two hospitals in Khartoum.

The Doctors statement also said that police fired tear gas inside the Khartoum Teaching Hospital on Sunday 21 November. Near the intensive care unit and neonatal ward.

One Anonymous source with very good insight into this matter said: “We saw violence that hasn’t been practised before, as not only were protesters killed, but the security forces attacked four hospitals – including Omdurman hospital, Waad hospital and Eastern Nile hospital.”

“They prevented civilians from getting treatment in the military hospital in Omdurman, and also prevented ambulances from transporting some critical cases from Omdurman to Khartoum.”

As recently as Tuesday, coup forces routinely attacked hospitals and hospital staff. Seriously abused injured patients.

The Sudan Police Deny Involvement

Sudanese police have denied any involvement in the repression of demonstrators or any illegal actions, claiming that officers were forced to intervene after protests became violent.

“Some unknown doctors groups claimed that the police have used live ammunition and killed some protesters. We confirm here that these reports are incorrect and aimed at destabilising the situation.”

In an earlier Sudan police statement, they have said that “infiltrators and saboteurs” were behind the violence, which has led to recent killings of at least 43 people.

People at the hospitals said that most of the perpetrators wore Rapid Support Forces uniforms. It is also confirmed by photo and video material from the occasions.

Image: Myousry6666

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