Sudan Protesters Doubt Post-Coup Deal Between Military & Hamdok


Sudan Military Coup: Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok says he has dismissed the country’s police chiefs, in response to a brutal crackdown on protesters. More than 40 people were killed during demonstrations against last month’s military coup. Hamdok was reinstated as the civilian leader, but has signed a new agreement with the army. Many in Sudan are unhappy about the deal. DW Correspondent Mariel Müller met with some of those who demonstrated despite the risks.

Continued Arbitrary & Incommunicado Detention

The African Center for Justice and Peace Studies has released a report that partly tells about the media’s situation in Sudan. In this report, ACJPS gives an update on various incidents resulting in serious violations of human rights of civilians that have continued to occur. The period covered is 25 October 2021 to 23 November 2021.

Military Intelligence and Police have continued to target individuals with arrests and incommunicado detention based on their participation or suspected involvement in the protests. In Central Darfur and Khartoum, peaceful protesters have been detained under the Emergency Decree. Three peaceful protesters were imprisoned without charge in Omdurman Women’s prison. In Khartoum, a journalist was blind folded, taken to unknown location and threatened verbally against participating in anti coup events.

Sudanese authorities have continued to use excessive force including firing of live ammunition to disperse peaceful protests around Sudan resulting in deaths and injuries of Sudanese citizens including minors.

ACJPS received reliable information of the involvement of un unidentified groups of individuals in plain uniforms and using Toyota pickup cars without number plates who have targeted protestors with force along side the Sudanese Armed Force (SAF), Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the police force.

ACJPS has documented the torture and ill treatment of detainees by security agencies. Detainees were beaten with horse pipes, iron bars and sticks, boxed with hands, pushed to the ground and forcefully shaving off one’s hair.

Several journalist were arrested for covering the anti coup protests.

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