How To Cook Molokhia


Molokhia or Mulukhiyyah is the leaves of Corchorus olitorius. It is used as a vegetable. It is popular in Middle East, East African, west African and North African countries. Mulukhiyah is rather bitter, and when boiled, the resulting liquid is a thick, highly mucilaginous broth. It is often described as “slimy”. It’s a bit reminiscent of Okra. Mulukhiyah is generally eaten cooked, not raw, and is most frequently turned into a kind of soup or stew. This specific recipe is a South Sudanese and Sudanese recipe consisting of Molokhia leaves with lamb.

The recipe comes from the website Taste of South Sudan. On Taste of South Sudan Dr. Noela Mogga will guide you through African foods, culture, original stories and mentorship.

A lot of wise scholars are of the opinion that mulukhiyah’s, or molokhia, origins lie in Ancient Egypt. Molokhia was a well known dish in the Medieval Arab world.

The leaves are rich in folate, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, vitamin C and more than 32 vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The plant has a potent antioxidant activity with a significant α-tocopherol equivalent vitamin E. So this is also healthy food.

Furthermore, the video does not tell if it is necessary to dance when making this recipe. But why not?

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