Sudan Crimes: Janjaweed A.k.a Rapid Support Forces

Crimes Against Humanity


Crimes Against Humanity: Certain acts that are purposefully committed as part of a widespread or systematic policy, directed against civilians, in times of war or peace. These Sudan crimes differ from war crimes because they are not isolated acts committed by individual soldiers but are acts committed in furtherance of a state or organizational policy. A more legal definition of Crimes Against Humanity can be read at the UN – Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect.

In the list that is listed by the UN Office, there are not many criminal acts that Rapid Support Forces has not committed. It can also be noted that the leader of these criminals, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo also known by his gang name “Hemetti”, has been appointed Deputy Head of The Council. Al-Burhan has given his continued confidence in Hemetti and his deeds.

The video above is a testimony to the atrocities previously committed by Rapid Support Forces. Hundreds became victims, and no one was punished for these atrocities. Instead, those responsible were rewarded and promoted.

Sudan Crimes – New Atrocities

So far, 42 people have been killed by these forces. Including five children. As recently as Today, Good sea Nasser, 21 years old, passed away. Affected by two gunshots in the head on #MillionNovember21 the day of the Revolutionary Agreement. With this the number of martyrdom of Sudan has risen to 42.

We all remember the little girl Ramez Hatem Al-Atta. Shot in the head by a sniper from the coup forces. The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors said in an urgent statement “The girl’s soul, Ramez Hatem Al-Atta, 13, died a while ago, as a result of a live bullet wound to the head from the forces of the Generals’ Council of Blood. She was exposed to her in front of her house during the November 13 million.”

Akshaya Kumar report: Forcing Sudan’s civilian leadership back into an unhappy marriage with the military furthers damaging impunity. Men like Mohamed Hamadan Dagalo (“Hemetti”) have enjoyed immunity from prosecution as a result of their role within the transitional government. For years, Human Rights Watch documented the abuses of his Rapid Support Forces (RSF), both in the capital and against the country’s marginalized populations in Hemedti’s native Darfur, but also the two areas of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.


There is every reason not to relax and it is more important than ever to continue to keep an eye on Rapid Support Forces. Without continued pressure, these offenders can get the idea that the field is free for anything a perverted mind can come up with. RSF will be mentioned in the same breath as Sudan crimes.

In the future, Rapid Support Forces will be synonymous with Crimes Against Humanity.

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