Sudan: Will The Blood Stop Flowing

The Burhan & Hamdok Deal


Sudan Deal: It’s a deal being met with optimism and uncertainty. Sudan’s Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok, is promising a path to democracy, after being reinstated under an agreement with the military. He was ousted nearly a month ago, when the army chief seized power and dissolved his cabinet. Weeks of protests followed. At least 41 people died during confrontations with police.

Several political fractions have rejected the deal. They say they won’t recognise any agreement with the armed forces. How will the army deal with growing public anger?

The Path To Democracy

Today’s best description of Sudan’s confusion comes from Cameron Hudson: “Im confused how a political deal conceived in secret with the military, that cuts out all political parties and popular voices, helps to prepare for elections and democratic rule”.

While al-Burhan and Hamdok sat and signed agreements and celebrated, Burhan’s henchmen attacked protesters with tear gas and severe beatings of men, women and children. I’m afraid the army and al-Burhan will deal with the public anger in the same way as always. With brutal violence. I’m afraid the blood will continue to flow along the streets of Khartoum.

“would you buy a used car from al-Burhan? The answer to the question is what this agreement between Burhan and Hamdok is worth”

The main beneficiaries of this agreement are al-Burhan and the military. The military avoids whining from international public opinion about the reinstatement of the legal prime minister. And they get a facade for continued human rights abuses. Now they can say that all abuses take place on Hamdok’s orders. Hamdok is degraded to a puppet.

Burhan’s Reasons

The military has two reasons for retaining power.

1. Economic reasons. The military has significant assets at its disposal. With a civilian government, it is highly likely that the military will lose all these assets.

2. Liability. Many crimes have been committed against the civilian population. It is often a matter of crimes against humanity. With a civilian government, the international community will demand that al-Burhan and his conspirators be brought before an international court.

High Treason – the committing of a crime that seriously threatens the safety of your country. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor. In the run-up to the latest military coup, there are reports of links with another country regarding anchoring in the vicinity of Sudan.


Al-Burhan often talks about his love for the people of Sudan, and that the people love him. Prove it! Reconnect the Internet! Let the people show their love.

This agreement only makes it easier for al-Burhan, the domestic and international pressure on him has eased. Some even see him as some kind of hero.

Sudan has probably not delivered its last martyr. The violence and abuse will probably continue as long as the military remains in power.

Why would anyone trust al-Burhan? He has not kept any agreement before. There is some important questions to ask: would you buy a used car from al-Burhan? Would you trust him? The answer to the questions is what this agreement between Burhan and Hamdok is worth.

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