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Sudan Police: We Are Innocent!!!

Crime Against Humanity: Sudan police hold a press conference in the capital Khartoum a day after 15 protesters were killed in the bloodiest violence since the country’s October 25 coup.

Speaking in central Khartoum, Lieutenant-General Zain Al-abidin Othman said “infiltrators and saboteurs” were behind the violence, which has led to recent killings of at least 15 people after officers fired live rounds during the peaceful demonstrations on Thursday. He gave no further details on how an infiltrator could infiltrate uniformed personnel.

The Sudan police officer claims that it was in fact those who were attacked by unarmed and bloody protesters. The police did not make a further impressive effort at the press conference. Coming up with obvious lies has never been a good way to meet public opinion.

According to the Sudan Doctors Committee, fatalities occurred in mostly in Khartoum’s district of Bahri, and the capital’s twin city Omdurman. The deaths brought the overall death toll since the beginning of the coup to at least 39. Thus, al-Burhan has murdered more innocent people than the serial killer Son of Sam. Who, like al-Burhan, claimed to be possessed by an Egyptian demon.

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