Sudanese Revolution – A Full Timeline


Muaz Osman is a video creator born in Khartoum in Sudan who achieved great success on Youtube. Born in May 1989. He creates videos in a wide range of topics. Usually related to Sudanese culture and politics. His videos have created a follower base of over 230,000 on Youtube. His videos are often of a high quality and are mostly very well thought out.

With this video, he proves that it is possible to take complex and difficult events, and explain them in a visual and entertaining way. “Sudanese Revolution – A Full Timeline” is just such a video, a great way to understand the Sudanese revolution.

He received the YouTube NextUp award in 2016 and was named a YouTube Creators for Change Ambassador in 2018.

The Sudanese Revolution

The Sudanese Revolution was a major shift of political power in Sudan. It started with street protests throughout Sudan on 19 December 2018. Continued with sustained civil disobedience for about eight months, during which the 2019 Sudanese coup d’état deposed President Omar al-Bashir on 11 April after thirty years in power. On 25 October 2021, the Sudanese military, led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, took control of the government in a military coup. It is as if Sudan is subscribing to despots.

This is a youth revolution. It is young people who are in the forefront. It is young people who are being shot. It’s young people who bleed. It is young people who are dying.

It is with unimaginable courage and bravery that these young people, unarmed, face a notorious militia. A militia known for their cruelty and sadism. Among the atrocities that the RSF is behind can be mentioned is the Khartoum massacre, in the War in Darfur in 2014 RSF “repeatedly attacked villages, burned and looted homes, beating, raping and executing villagers”. RSF participated in the Yemeni Civil War and have killed civilians and destroyed infrastructure, for which they are suspected of war crimes by Human Rights Watch.

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