Crime Against Humanity: During our live coverage on Saturday, November 13, we received a number of unverified reports of attacks and harassment of doctors and hospital staff. At that time, we chose to not publish them because they were just unverified. In retrospect, it has been shown that these reports were correct.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors say that on Monday, a security force stormed, Kassala Teaching Hospital, and prevented doctors and health staff from entering the hospital, in anticipation of vigils announced by the Coordination of Medical Staff.

Also On Monday, the Coordination of Medical Staff organised protest vigils in front of a number of hospitals in Khartoum, Omdurman, Bahri, and state hospitals in rejection of the military coup. And condemning the violations that occurred on health facilities and field teams.

Probably the Janjaweed Militia (RSF) are behind these atrocities. This is not the first time this has happened either. Abuse of hospital staff was reported as early as January 2019. Amnesty International reported in January 2019: “Sudanese security officers last night entered a hospital and fired live bullets and teargas horrifying patients and hospital staff as they pursued people seeking treatment after they sustained gunshot injuries during protests earlier in the day in Omdurman, on the outskirts of Khartoum.

The security officers opened fire in the hospital court yard and then marched into the emergency and medical sections of the Omdurman Hospital roughing up both patients and doctors”.

Attacks On Hospital On Saturday 13 November

On Saturday, November 13, Al Jazeera and the Los Angeles Times reported similar incidents. Coup forces stormed the Arbaeen Hospital in Omdurman. Pushing and beating up doctors, as well as injured protesters who were there for medical help and their families.

One may wonder why these perpetrators are so prone to attack hospitals. Could it be that doctors and hospital staff are in possession of information that can be decisive in a trial about Crime Against Humanity? Is this an attempt to intimidate into silence?

Testimonies from the hospitals where the million wounded were treated on November 13, where they indicated that the bullets used by the coup forces against peaceful demonstrators are of the type that spread inside the body (Expanding Bullets) and are internationally prohibited. This is information that the Janjaweed Militia likes to keep hidden.

The coup plotters also tried to prevent the severely wounded and dying from getting to the hospital for medical and life sustaining care.

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