On this page, we will publish updates regarding the 13 November demonstrations in Khartoum and Omdurman in Sudan, as soon as we receive them. The broadcast ends at 22.00 local time (Stockholm, Sweden):

15.12: The rise of a martyr in Omdurman now, by the bullets of the military. A large number of varying injuries with live bullets in the scattered areas of Khartoum. It is very difficult to get the injured to hospitals. Mercy and forgiveness for the martyr. Allah is my suffice, and the best deputy. Sudan Doctors Committee

15.48: 7 wounded with live bullets in Omdurman, receiving treatment at Al-Arbaeen Hospital. 10 total injuries from live bullets today so far. # million november 13

16.30: Two more martyrs, one with bullets and the other with tear gas.
They have mercy and forgiveness. Allah is my suffice, and the best deputy. Sudan Doctors Committee

16.39: We counted two martyrs, bringing the number of martyrs to four. We ask God for mercy and forgiveness for them. # million november 13

17.16: Video report by Africanews.

18.40: East of the Nile. The fifth martyr of today’s processions, Muhammad Othman Al-Tayeb, 19 years old, rose to the East Nile Hospital, when he was shot in the chest. A large number of moderate and minor injuries, total injuries in East Nile Hospital, 28 injuries. The Socialist Doctors’ Association “Rush”

19.45: The little girl, Ramez Hatem Al-Atta, was inside their house. The careless sniper did not aim at her, but the bullet still hit her in the head, as you can see on the X-ray. Another proof of al-Burhan’s total indifference to human life and morality. #Million13_November

20.20: Six girls are currently detained in the middle section of Omdurman.
They were severely beaten and taken to the police station. The authorities have not yet had time to fabricate any credible allegations.

20.25: Video report from Sudaneseonline.

21.09: Al Jazeera: Security forces stormed one hospital in Omdurman and detained several of the wounded, the doctors added.

21.30: We have received some testimonies from the hospitals where the million wounded were treated on November 13, where they indicated that the bullets used today by the coup forces against peaceful demonstrators are of the type that spread inside the body (Expanding Bullets) and are internationally prohibited. # million november 13

21.53: Los Angeles Times: Coup forces stormed the Arbaeen Hospital in Omdurman. Pushing and beating up doctors, as well as injured protesters who were there for medical help and their families, the Sudan Doctors Committee said.

This concludes the reporting on the demonstrations for today. I would like to thank my co-workers Amel, Bashair and Taiseer – without their help this would not have been possible.

November 14 – The Aftermath

20211114, 10.45: Mujahid Muhammad Farah, 15 years old, died this morning at East Nile Hospital. Shot dead by the illegal coup forces. This means that 6 confirmed protesters have been murdered during yesterday’s demonstrations. Sudanese Congress Party

11.10: Sudan security forces arrest Al Jazeera bureau chief in Khartoum. El Musalmi El Kabbashi was taken into custody after security forces raided his home overnight, the broadcaster said. Al Jazeera was apparently not as welcome in Sudan as General al-Burhan said a few days ago in an interview.

13.55: British, sudanese rally outside liverpool lime street against sudan coup and janjaweed militia. Video report. The Sudanese united tribes

14.15: The U.S. Embassy deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries of dozens of Sudanese citizens demonstrating on Saturday for freedom and democracy, and condemns the excessive use of force.

17.59: Witnesses said several protesters were killed in huge demonstrations. Video report. MrInfluencerUgReports

18.45: The situation in Sudan is tense. We are on site and caring for the injured at Omdurman Hospital. We also provide support to the Royal Care Hospital in Khartoum to ensure that everyone in need of emergency care has access to it. Doctors Without Borders

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