Ensaf Fathi – Bird Of the Night


Ensaf Fathi: The rich and varied music of Sudan has traditional, rural, Northeast African roots and also shows Arabic, Western or other African influences. Especially on the popular urban music from the early 20th century onwards.

In the globalized world of today, the creation and consumption of music through satellite TV or on the Internet is a driving force for cultural change in Sudan. Popular with local audiences as well as with Sudanese living abroad.

Ensaf Fathi is one of the more popular singers in today’s Sudan. She has also been very active recently in the opposition to the military coup in Sudan. Something that does not diminish her popularity.

The Critics are very hopeful that rising singer Ensaf Fathi, will make a significant difference in artistic production as compared with some other fellow young artists now on stage in the country. Her songs, but above all her voice, have a commercial quality that may very well hit internationally. Southern Europe in particular can be a rich market for Ensaf Fathi.

I think the key to her success is that she has kept in touch with her roots. She does not pretend to be an American rapper either in style or stage appearance. It is important to maintain its roots and to carry on its traditions. And to develop these traditions and bring them into the future. The commitment and humility of her community also speaks for a even brighter future in music.

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