KHARTOUM, Oct 31: According to Reuters – Ibrahim Ghandour, head of Sudan’s former ruling National Congress Party and a former foreign minister under deposed President Omar al-Bashir, has been released from prison, a family source told Reuters.

“This step makes clear the political cover for the coup and its real ideological orientation”

He was re-arrested on Monday less than a day after he had been released from jail, according to a source from his family. He had been released on Sunday night, along with two former intelligence officials under Bashir.

The release of Ghandour and several other Bashir allies in recent days, had come under strong criticism from opponents of military leadership under General al-Burhan.

The government spokesman’s office, still loyal with civilian authorities, said in a statement that the releases of Bashir-era figures “represent a setback against the state of institutions and the rule of law”.

“This step makes clear the political cover for the coup and its real ideological orientation,” the office said on Facebook.

Ibrahim Ghandour

Ibrahim Ghandour, born 6 December 1952, was the Foreign Minister of Sudan from 9 June 2015 to 19 April 2018 and the former head of the ruling National Congress Party.

Ghandour, whose background is in academia, was chosen as part of an attempt by the Sudanese government to boost ties with the United States. Ghandour is a former presidential assistant, and also previously worked as a consultant with the World Health Organisation.

Sudan’s public prosecutor was also dismissed on Sunday night.

Image: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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