Million-Strong March: Demonstrations Turn Deadly


According to the television channel France 24 Sudanese security forces shot dead two people Saturday during mass protests against the country’s recent military coup, a doctors’ union said. The shootings came despite repeated appeals by the West to Sudan’s new military rulers to show restraint and allow peaceful protests. This became another of those deadly demonstrations thanks to General al-Burhan.

UPDATE: The latest information states that three (3) people were killed and more than 100 were injured in Sudan on Saturday, in the city of Omdurman according to the Sudanese Medical Association.

Deadly Demonstrations: The fatal shots were fired in Omdurman. Forces arrived while peaceful protesters marched, and the forces did not hesitate to attack despite the presence of the elderly and children in the crowds. The attack was carried out with tear gas and sharp ammunition and the result was two dead and an unknown number injured. This was what domestic and foreign observers feared and expected from General al-Burhan.

An eyewitness described to Reuters how several shots were heard and that injured people were then carried away by civilians. The Sudanese Medical Association reports that two people were shot dead during the protests. One of the victims was shot in the head and the other victim in the stomach, according to the organization.

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