The Power of Play for 1400 Refugee Children in South Sudan


The Power of Play: Children in developing countries, like South Sudan, have little access to safe and creative play environments. The playgrounds so readily available to children in the developed world are rare or non-existent.

Studies show that play is vital in the healthy development of a child. This is where children learn how to interact with their environment and negotiate with their peers. Play is especially important for young children who specialists say should spend at least 20% of their time at play.

Through a partnership with Canadian-based The Power of Play, a playground was established at a refugee settlement managed by ACROSS. This playground now serves 1400 children who had previously never had the opportunity to experience play in this way.

About the Organizations

ACROSS is an interdenominational, international Christian organization focused on South Sudan. They work to build communities, improve education, strengthen churches, improve livelihoods, and teach about health. ACROSS has both South Sudanese and non-South Sudanese staff members. Other staff include nationals of: Ethiopia, Uganda, Australia and Kenya.

The Power of Play, a nonprofit organization, builds sustainable playgrounds for children in need of a space to play all around the globe. They strive to create a safe, loving and fun environment that allows children to Play.

Another organization that works in South Sudan, and that should be mentioned, is Save The Children. Save the Children has been working with and for children. Their families and communities in South Sudan since 1991. Providing access to education, healthcare, and nutrition support. In addition to supporting families with food security and livelihoods assistance. Their child protection programs support vulnerable children, including unaccompanied and separated children and those affected by violence.

In response to the current crisis, Save the Children is supporting hunger-affected households and livelihoods with cash transfers, promoting positive nutrition practices and infant and young child feeding practices, and distributing emergency food assistance.

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