Okra Stew – Recipe


Okra Stew: Bamia is a Middle Eastern, Anatolian and Greek stew prepared using meat, okra and tomatoes as primary ingredients. The word “bamia” itself simply means “okra” and it is etymologically an Arabic word.

Vegetarian bamia is very popular during fasting seasons such as Easter in Greece and Cyprus. In Egypt, sinew of lamb are typically used. Which can endure long cooking times. Ta’aleya, an Egyptian garlic sauce, is used as an ingredient to add flavor to bamia.

In Turkey, bamia is an Anatolian stew that has a sweet and sour flavor. It is prepared using okra, lemon juice, olive oil, sugar, salt and pepper.

Bamia Or Okra Stew Ingredients

  • 500g beef
  • 250g okra
  • 4 onions
  • lemon
  • garlic
  • carrot 1
  • coriander2tsp
  • cinnamon

Then follow the very simple instructions in the video. The video lacks sound, and it’s just as good. Wonderfully freed from annoying loops of music and incomprehensible English. The video also has instructions in both English and Arabic.

And the Stew tastes very good. It is well worth the little effort that cooking it requires.

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