Sudan: Pharmacies Struggle To Get Hold Of Medication


Sudan Healthcare: Sudan’s government has warned it may run out of life-saving medicines after protests led to the closure of its main port in the east. Members of the Beja tribe are demonstrating against what they say is marginalisation and a lack of development in their region.

But even before the port shut down, Sudanese faced a host of other challenges to get the medicines they needed. Healthcare providers have reported shortages of basic medications in pharmacies and hospitals, while patients suffering from critical diseases struggle to find drugs.

While medicine prices increase, some life-saving medicines have become scarce in Khartoum and other states. Patients and their attendants complained that medicines have become unaffordable.

“Patients with a low income have stopped buying medicines and resorted to herbs”

Pharmaceutical importers say since the currency devaluation, some medicines have become too expensive to bring into Sudan.

Pharmacists warns for the serious effects of the high prices of medicines for chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. “Patients with a low income have stopped buying medicines and resorted to herbs.”

It seems that international intervention is necessary to resolve this serious situation in which Sudan healthcare finds itself. Resourceful individuals and organizations should turn their eyes to Sudan before the situation becomes uncontrollable.

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