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Greetings To All Of You

Christmas is that time of year that either makes you feel overjoyed or leaves you feeling hopeless and alone. Whatever your feelings may be, just know that you certainly aren’t alone in those feelings. We may live in a crazy world, especially right now, which gives us all the more reason to feel down this time of year. Living in the middle of a global pandemic, having wars break out left and right, and seeing injustices that continue to surface is a good reason to be down this season. Loneliness is a painful feeling, however, we can rise above that and choose to see the positivity and be grateful for the things we do have.

If you’ve lost someone who was close to you and thinking about spending Christmas without that person makes you sad, then you aren’t the only one. It’s important to remember that person – to celebrate what they brought to your life and to show thankfulness towards the impact they had in your life. You can do this by simply writing down what you loved about them or looking through old photos.

It’s ok and it’s healthy to remember the person you lost, because it’s essential if you desire to heal. However, it’s important to not sit there, because then you’ll end up losing your own purpose – which you and I both know isn’t what the person you lost would want for you. They would want you to live your life. Keep in mind that living your life doesn’t dismiss the person you lost, it’s just a reminder to embrace the time you’ve been given.

Forget Your Perfect Offerings

Don’t follow the world and what they believe you should do. If listening to Christmas music, putting up decorations, or watching a variety of Christmas films doesn’t fill you with joy and bring the healing you need, then simply don’t do it. A way to make this season better for you is to do things that make you happy. This is a time to embrace new traditions and habits – and to do that one thing you’ve waited years to try out! You don’t have to explain yourself to others, so do whatever you need.

Ask yourself this – what is something my loved one who passed away did that I can carry on? Maybe you lost a parent who loved to blare Shaina Twain the week before Christmas. Or maybe you lost your spouse who made sure you baked cookies for all of the neighbors. No matter what traditions were created, you can carry them on to make the Holidays feel normal and bring you the joy you’ve been searching for.

Remember Them Forgotten

How can I give back this Christmas? This is an important question to ask because there will always be someone out there that needs a little love and joy in their life… Maybe you have a friend who’s been battling cancer and getting a home cooked meal would brighten their week. Maybe you have a grandparent that lives in a nursing home who would love a phone call. Or maybe you could volunteer at a local food drive or animal shelter. No act is too small or too big. The act of giving and being servant-hearted will bring someone else support and love, and you may just be the hope that they needed to get through the day.

If this time of year feels different simply because of COVID, then ask yourself how you can readjust to make it feel more normal. Ask your family members if they would want to have a Zoom call. If your family is local, then you could consider doing a drive-by to their house. This is a time where you can get creative and have fun with it.

Do something for yourself and do whatever makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Christmas is a great time for reflection. To remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished and to focus on dreams and goals you wish to achieve.

Christmas brings up many feelings, but remind yourself to actually feel them. Don’t stuff your sadness down just because there are expectations to be joyful during this time. Be realistic with how you’re doing, and do what you need to get you through the day. And remember, you aren’t alone!

Deliver Us From Evil

We celebrate this night in memory of Jesus Christ – he came to this world to save us from our distress. He taught us that our enemy could be our brother and become someone very dear to us. He saw our need; loneliness, illness, poverty – and he taught us about compassion. To see our next. Love your enemy.

Remember; Blessed are the meek
Blessed are those who are persecuted
Blessed are the poor
Blessed are the merciful
Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord
For they shall inherit the earth

I would like to conclude this article with some words of Mother Theresa:

“Do you truly see your fellow human beings.
Do you love them?”

Merry Christmas.

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Tommy Olovsson
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