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Exploring Arnold’s Home Country

Austria is a breathtaking country full of delicious food, snow-capped mountains, and beautiful architecture. It also happens to be the home country of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Try the Pastries

French pastries such as the croissant and pain au chocolat are called viennoiseries because they’re from Vienna originally. The word viennoiseries literally means “things of Vienna.” So, of course, if you’re in Vienna, you’ll want to head to a bakery. You can taste all the fluffy, puff pastries you can manage to stuff in your mouth. A few to keep at the top of your list include the Apple Strudel, Baked Yeast Buns with Vanilla Sauce, and Curd Cheese Pancakes.

Go to the Holiday Markets

If you love European-style holiday markets, why not head to Europe to experience the original ones for yourself. Vienna has one of the most quaint and holiday-spirited markets. In fact, many of the pictures that you see of these holiday markets are from Vienna. There are no lack of Christmas decorations, lights, and vendors selling all sorts of treats and trinkets. This is definitely a vacation that you won’t forget.

Visit Castles and Palaces

Austria is also full of palaces and castles. Start your castle tour in Vienna and work your way around the country. There are 14 palaces in Vienna alone! The architecture in Austria is known worldwide. So, even if you’re just walking down the street, keep an eye out for the exterior decorations on buildings. You’ll be in awe of the intricate carvings and statues that adorn them.

Spend Time on an Alpine Lake

If you’ve ever watched The Sound of Music, you know that the von Trapp family escapes Austria by hiking into the Alps. Today, you won’t be running from anyone, so you’ll enjoy your time in these beautiful mountains even more. Visit an Alpine lake or go for a hike. You’ll experience clean air, blue skies, and jagged mountain tops all around you. Little Austrian villages and towns dot these mountains, giving you a chance to experience local mountain life.

Museums and Opera

Did you know that there is an Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Austria? This should be at the top of your list. After you’re done there, try visiting some art museums and opera houses for a show or two. Art and music are deeply embedded in the Austrian culture, so a visit to this country is your chance to explore these disciplines.

Salope von Asheen
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