World’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries

Dangerous Country

All of these choices are really dangerous places. We have put them in order, but cannot say that number 5 is that much safer than number 1.


It’s no surprise that the country where America has been waging a nearly-20-year war leads the list. Taliban attacks occur all over this country, which means that the most common cause of death is due to war and terrorism.


The second most dangerous country is Syria. Since the start of the civil war in 2011, international powers have jumped in to take sides. While the conflict is nowhere near a resolution, 5.7 million people and counting have fled. Almost half a million people have died there and 6 million have been displaced within the country’s borders.

South Sudan

Violent conflicts between the government and opposing parties make South Sudan the 3rd most dangerous country in the world. There’s widespread crime including kidnappings, assaults, and robberies. Outside of the capital city, there are no rules and no law and certainly no order.


Though the Yemen Civil War started later than some of the other countries on our list, the Yemeni citizens are in a crisis. There’s a serious food shortage putting millions at the brink of famine. The civilians caught in the crossfire between the two fighting sides also have little access to clean water and millions have been displaced. On top of all these issues, the coronavirus pandemic is also taking a toll on the already-suffering population.


Iraq is one of the most dangerous countries, especially for Americans. There are anti-American militias within the country responsible for kidnappings and violence against Americans. The Iraqi citizens also experience attacks from ISIS as well as various human rights violations.

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