Young People Lead A Women’s Rights Revolution In Rural Ghana


Priscilla Nyaaba is a young advocate for women’s rights. Together with her team, she leads a program that challenges the status quo in a few rural communities in northern Ghana. Through a combination of health. Leadership. And storytelling trainings. Priscilla and her team have enabled local youth to catalyse change in attitudes. Towards sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender equality. Their actions have made progress towards Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Health and well-being) and 5 (Gender Equality), one of their outcomes being the rescuing of 88 girls from child marriage.

Priscilla was a participant in the Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator. A civil society experiment designed to test innovative ways of resourcing young activists. In the global south as they make progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The experiment was led by CIVICUS.



CIVICUS is a global alliance of civil society organisations and activists dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world.

CIVICUS is established in 1993 and since 2002 have been proudly headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. With additional hubs across the globe. We are a membership alliance with more than 9,000 members in more than 175 countries.

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