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What is the Boogaloo Movement?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been instances of of heavily armed white men protesting the lockdowns. Anti-gun activists have been horrified. Mainstream conservatives too, in many cases, have condemned these protests as a form of intimidation. At the center of the lockdown protests stands the boogaloo movement, a broad far-right, pro-gun and anti-government movement distinguished by Hawaiian shirts and weapons.

To many the Haawaiian shirts seem incongruous, but boogaloos are apparently emulating free-lance mercenaries they’ve seen in movies.

Typically, a boogaloo rally involves young-to-middle age, white men wearing their shirts and guns “uniform.” As a group, they share little in common beside the love of guns and hatred of government. Some boogaloo groups declare explicit support for white supremacy. Some groups have conspiratorially beliefs about white victimhood. Many participants claim they are preparing for an imminent second civil war in America. And still others claim to oppose racism.

To now Facebook banned only the boogaloo-related content that encourages violence. Now the platform has decided that the broader network is too extreme. As a result, Facebook has removed 220 Facebook accounts, 95 Instagram accounts, 28 pages, and 106 groups associated with the movement.

Salope von Asheen
Salope von Asheenhttp://departement1.com/
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