Unique Things to Do in Egypt


Are you traveling to Egypt and planning to do a pyramid and camel tour? You and everyone else. If you’re looking veer off the beaten path in the Land of the Nile, keep reading!



The papyrus plant that grows along the Nile was harvested and used as a form of paper in ancient Egypt. Today, instead of buying a souvenir, you can use the papyrus plant to make your own! Head to Giza and attend a papyrus-making workshop. It costs about $6 – after the travel expense – and you’ll get to truly immerse yourself in Egyptian history while making your own one-of-a-kind memento.

Scuba Diving

Bet you weren’t expecting to scuba dive in Egypt, huh? Head to the town of Hurghada on the coast of the Red Sea. Here, you’ll find crystal clear waters and coral reefs. If you’re not interested in plunging beneath the Red Sea, head to the Hurghada Aquarium instead, and behold the diverse wildlife that make up the local ecosystem.

Berber Culture

Berber culture is indigenous to North Africa and parts of Western Egypt, and is quite different from mainstream Egyptian culture. The Berber people have a rich history full of fascinating customs, so if you’re interested in seeing their lifestyle firsthand, hire a local tour guide to show you around the desert settlement near the Libyan border. (For your safety, don’t attempt to visit a Berber community unaccompanied).

City of the Dead

Just outside the city of Minya is a huge collection of cemeteries used by both Muslims and Christians over the years. This area features kilometer upon kilometer of white coned tombs. Some people find this a bit eerie, but others will find serenity among the centuries of spirits.

River Cruise

The Nile is the world’s longest river, and its significance has been documented by centuries of historical and religious texts. These days, you can take a cruise down the Nile while eating a gourmet meal, just like the pharaohs did. Choose from a variety of options, from an affordable one-day cruise, to a multi-day luxury tour. After a day on this gorgeous river, there won’t be any denial that that the price was worth it.

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