Ismail Menk was the eighth child out of nine born to Sheikh Maulana Musa Menk, an Imam in a masjid in Zimbabwe. At the tender age of three, he was able to recite some verses of the surah. At an early age, those who knew him predicted that he would be a Hafiz when older.

He studied Arabic, Urdu and the Hanafi Mazhab when he was quite young at the same time he was studying Shariah under his father. He gained a degree from the University of Madinah and later specialized in Iftaa.

In his youth, he was known for his hot temper and people tried hard not to provoke him. He is quoted as saying that the move to Madinah was instrumental in resolving this issue and today he is very different.

What is Mufti?

A Mufti is a learned Islamic jurist who is qualified to issue a fatwa (a non-binding opinion) on points of Islamic law. In Islamic tradition, a Mufti would be someone of upright character who has a deep knowledge of the Qu’ran.

What Does Mufti Ismail Menk teach?

These are some of the popular things that have been said by Mufti Ismail Menk:

– The one who taught us that those who are patient in adversity and forgive wrongs are the doers of excellence.

– If you feel like nothing appears to be going right, don’t be upset. The Almighty didn’t promise us a straight journey to Paradise. Expect twists & turns. Uncomfortable rides. Disappointments. They will occur at some stage. It’s all according to His Master Plan. Be patient & you’ll get there! ‬

– Be careful if you have hurt anybody deliberately. If you’re guilty, you should apologize as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate. You may not have the opportunity tomorrow. May the Almighty protect us from being the reason for pain and distress in someone else’s life! May God forgive our sins and shortcoming!‬

– Untrue reporting is very bad news. Actually, in today’s climate, misinformation is lethal. It often kills. So please be aware of what you’re circulating. If you are not able to confirm it, it’s best not to circulate it. It’s better to be on the side of caution than to promote panic and pandemonium! ‬

– Why is it that at times, the immoral, unethical, improper way of doing things has appeal? It’s because we’re human & Satan tempts us with distractions from this world. If we remain conscious of God, He will provide for us in ways that we never expected. Remain steadfast!‬

Opposing Terrorism

Menk has been engaged in opposing terrorism and has worked to cut extremism in the Maldives. In 2018 he was quoted as urging Muslims to avoid Mulsim -Christian violence, stating that Muslims and Christians were brothers.

Mufti Ismail Menk is very prominent on social media and uses the medium to promote his views. He has substantial numbers of followers.

  • Facebook – more than 3 million followers
  • Twitter – more than 4 million followers
  • YouTube -500 000 subscribers
  • Instagram – more than 1 million followers
  • Google Plus – more than 4000 followers

He uses Social media to spread his beliefs and teach his followers. This is a huge number of followers for a Mufti from Africa.


He has, on occasions, stirred up controversy with his remarks. Remarks that have provoked substantial responses.

He was quoted as saying “With all due respect to the animals, [homosexuals] are no better than animals.” This caused him to be banned from a tour of British Universities because of this (Oxford, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Glasgow).

Later he clarified his view with a retraction, “On the issue of Homosexuality, let me make it clear that I’m not homophobic. The statement I made back in 2011 which had me saying, “With all due regard to the animals, they are worse than those animals” was based on a erroneus concept. I no longer have this view. I make a complete denial of that statement.” Mufti Menk.”

He was also banned from Singapore because it was claimed: “his preaching to be divisive and unfit for the multi‐cultural, and multi‐faith Singapore.”

This was based on him prohibiting Muslims from greeting others on their holidays. His supporters refuted this saying that it was based on a short (out of context) quote from one of his sermons and that “Their Mufti has never prohibited greeting others during their holidays. However, he has stated that the wording should be inclusive to ensure that it is agreeable to all. In his opinion, greetings such as Happy Holidays, Seasons Wishes, Have a Great Day are fine.”

The Character Of The Mufti

Mufti Menk has been totally refreshing, strongly promoting the respect of other Muslim denominations.and other world religions. I think his quote below is a perfect way, to sum up, this influential character…

The real illustration of a man’s integrity is the way he reacts when he’s been proved to be wrong. Blessed is he who’s able to confess his mistake with grace.
Mufti Menk

Image: Agi wiki

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