Of all the Borgward cars, the Isabella was one of the most famous German brands in the 1950s. It remained in production for the life of the company. There were many Isabella models made. The Borgward Isabella, Borgward Isabella coupe, Isabella Cabrio, Isabella TS Cabrio, Isabella TS, Isabella combi, and the Isabella TS deluxe. By 1961, the Borgward automotive company was liquidated, ending the production of the Isabella. The cars then became vintage automobiles.


In 2013, the Borgward company was brought back and had been in existence ever since. In 1954, only 202,806 Isabella’s were ever made. They were also the most successful Borgward car. The Isabella has a maximum speed of 130 km/h or 81 mph. It boasts an 8.1 liter per 100 kilometers. The Isabella engine brags a four-cylinder of 1493cc engine capacity and produces about 60 brake horsepower. It was connected by an innovative hydraulic clutch to a four-speed full synchromesh gearbox. It spins at 6000 rpm and can hold these revolutions mile after mile. The gearbox shift was effected by a column-mounted lever.

It had independent front and rear suspension coil springs, a rear swing axle, and front wishbones that enable this car to ride effortlessly on right roads. At high speeds, on German motorways, the car is neutral, safe, and easy to handle. However, on single-track roads, the Isabella can be skittish and hard to handle. It slides in the rain and oversteers around bends.

The Design

The wide cabin, large windows, and two doors are a favorite among some drivers. The effectiveness of the brakes, the inclusion of a clock and cigarette lighter acted in the Isabella’s favor when it came to marketing. The chassis of this car was more curvaceous than its predecessor, the Hansa. Isabella made greater and better use of the chrome-trim body.

While the Isabella was a famous car, at some point, the sales declined. This pushed Borgward to make a more beautiful Isabella with a shorter roofline. It was the birth of the Isabella Coupe, featuring about 75 brake horsepower. These cars were sold in Australia, New Zealand, and even in Malaya.

Almost all models of the Isabella were mass-produced, however, the Isabella Coupe was a rarity, and only a handful were ever made. The Isabella cars were considered sports cars in their time and were only ever matched to Mercedes cars.

The Isabella coupe was however, 40% more expensive and way more massive than any other Isabella. It also weighed 200 pounds more than a ton. Its weight was against it when it came to low-speed acceleration. It, however, had 100mph speed, a high speed just within its limits.


Forty years later, the Isabella is still as elegant as it was made to be. Its balanced lines are as daring as the designer of the build. In 2013 the Borgward was reinvented, and in 2017, a new version model concept of the Borgward Isabella was presented. It featured as a four-door, four-seat electric coupe and a very modern approach with the new model and we cant wait!


Images: Lothar Spurzem

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