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The World Is Tough – But Remember That We Are Resilient

Many of us have had many hardships through the years. We often look to others, and wonder: “How do they get along?” People plod along just fine, while evil in the world is seemingly rampant around you. The politics in many areas are ever divisive, and to add to that, your woes are weighing you down. But there is still hope. You cannot fight life, or you may find that life fights you back. This Christmas Season, I want to remind people that there is still light in this world.

Remembering the Hardships of the Sudanese People

While many of us are enjoying this Christmas in relative safety, the Sudanese people are still leading their peaceful revolt to take back the country they love. After being brutally suppressed by the local government, and hundreds of deaths involved, the Sudanese people still choose peace as their most significant weapon against tyranny. While evil is still in this world, take solace in the light of the efforts of these people, and be inspired by them. While torture and murder, and thus, depression exist in places like these, people are still standing up for what is right. Never lose hope this Christmas. —The Sudanese people certainly haven’t.

Wish Well For Your Adversaries, and Your Friends

Hate and avarice are similar things when you think about it. On this season of giving, remember that whenever someone drags you down, don’t be afraid to look past their transgressions. Adversaries can be said to be enemies, but this would darken the world. Instead, attempt to be better than your immediate emotions. Sometimes, instead of enemies, the people you think of as adversaries could be friends with time and patience.

Worrying About Problems You Cannot Control is a Recipe for Disaster

Your family, friends, your local community members, and people you deem worthy of great giving should be the only kin for you to have any worry. The world is full of politics that advertise policies that don’t even have anything to do with people’s local areas, yet you’ll see some people seething with rage at the decisions of people from afar. Remember how Sudanese People are peacefully revolting against their government? Well, this is because their world was tossed and turned upside down. While other evils are happening around them, they got together to defeat the evil knocking on their door. Simply yelling from afar will do nothing to help you or your life. When you feel angry at those far situations, remember the light happening in your area instead. Focus on the darkness there too. What can you do to help peacefully defeat evil happening in your neighborhood?

Your Burdens May Feel Heavy But Remember Your Resolve

We’ve all had the stress of having too much to do and so little time to do it. Some people give up on what they are trying to do, while others may get angry and lash out against others. I admit this sometimes has happened to me. But when you get so stressed out that you cannot take it anymore, remember the people in your life. That always calms me and sets me on the path towards greatness. Whatever burden you are shouldering this holiday season, remember that small advances make a world of difference. A great friend once told me that to cross a high bridge, that you must do so one step at a time. What burdens are in your life, and how can you tackle them one small step at a time?

With Peace, Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas

Christmas means so much to everybody around the world. While there may be evil in the world, and there are people who cannot help themselves, let’s be thankful for what we do have. We can reason, and the good in us is fulfilling. Even if people turn to the darkness, please remember that it doesn’t mean the light cannot turn them. When I enjoy my Christmas, I’m going to be cherishing my friends and family members. I’m going to be rooting for the people around me, and I’ll remember to take it easy despite my hardships. I hope that you do too. Thank you for reading, and Merry Christmas, everybody.

Head Image: Martin Falbisoner

Tommy Olovsson
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