Mercedes Benz 300 Adenauer

Mercedes Benz Adenaur

Motor vehicles have been a thing for several decades now, but sometimes certain vehicles will stand the test of time, one such being the classic Mercedes- Benz W816. There are three different models that were released for the vehicle, each improving on the last. For the sake of clarity, there will be a breakdown of each of the three models.

Model 300

The Mercedes- Benz W186 300 model was a four-door luxury vehicle. The vehicle was produced by Mercedes- Benz between 1951 and 1957. The 300 model was the largest and most prestigious automobile produced by the company at the time. The vehicle was designed to be reliable under prolonged use. Because, of the nature of the car, it was able to endure just about anything up to its top speed. It had a compression ratio of 6.4;1. The vehicle had an engine power of 115 PS. The vehicle allowed for very easy handling Benefiting off the success of the original, Mercedes- Benz seized at the opportunity to create new and improved versions of the vehicle.

Model 300B

The 300B model of the Mercedes- Benz W186 was introduced in March of 1954. With the new addition came several improvements, such as increased engine power, vacuum-assisted power brakes, and an increased compression rate of 7.5;1. The engine power was also increased to 125 PS compared to the 115 PS of the previous model.

Model 300C

The 300C model of the Mercedes- Benz W186 officially debuted in September of 1955. The newer model followed suit to the Model B and continued to provide improvements with each new edition. The Model 300C provided the user with a larger rear window and an optional 3-speed automatic transmission.

There was also a successor to the model 300C, This vehicle is the Model 300D.(W189)

Model 300D

The Model 300D is also known as the W189. The model was released in August of 1957. The 300D model was quite different from the other models, considering that it was the length of a limousine. The vehicle provided several major improvements including modified bodywork, fuel injection, as well as a unique hardtop configuration.

What About the Original is so Iconic?

The original 300 model of the W186 is a classic, because of it’s high quality. Considering that at the time, the 300 Model was the biggest and most iconic vehicle that the Mercedes- Benz company had produced to date, it is safe to say that because of it, inspiration was taken, and they later went on to create bigger, and better vehicles, each improving upon the last.


In conclusion, The Mercedes- Benz model 300 is a classic, luxury vehicle that was such a hit, it inspired several other successors. The Mercedes- Benz company has created a lot of very good, and powerful cars over the years, but sometimes it is best to look back from where a company started to truly see how successful they have become. Over the years Mercedes has proven that they can produce high-quality vehicles, and in the case of model 300, even produce vehicles that will be classics in the future.

Head Image: Александр Федотов

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