What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you hear about a car like Ford Mustang? In most cases, people think about the exciting outlook of the car. And a large amount of horsepower under the hood, and the incredible elegance of this model car. This article is dedicated to the legendary car Ford Boss 302 Mustang. If you are an advanced driver or in the case when you do not even have a car, this topic will still be interesting for you. Sit back and enjoy the article.

As you know, nowadays there is a huge variety of racing movies, which deal with the big amount of cars. Surely, almost every movie has a classical car model of the Ford Mustang. Let`s get acquainted a little bit closer with this car and we will start with the long history of this vehicle.

The History

To start with, the Ford Mustang is classified as a Muscle Car class. Although this is wrong. In fact, this car belongs to the Pony Car segment. All the misconceptions are caused by its rather aggressive design. The basis for the appearance of the Ford Mustang was a regular family sedan the Ford Falcon. The first Mustang left the assembly line on March 9, 1964, but according to the company`s plans, it was considered a model of the following year, 1965. The public was shown the car for the first time on April 17 in New York City, and the advertising campaign began a couple of days later. On April 19, the car was shown on American television and was very warmly received.

In 1966, the Mustangs have received a new engine as standard, now it is a 3.2-liter six-cylinder 120 hp engine. But there were also 3 versions of V8 engines available, with power from 200 to 271hp. It should be mentioned, in the development of this model was the work of Carols Shelby`s studio, which began to produce their own modified versions of this model.

So, 1969 – this year gave the Mustang quite a lot of new things. And he moved away from the original model quite a bit. The range received several lines: Boss and March 1 for sports fans, Grande for lovers of luxury cars, as well as the E-range, which was the most affordable.

The Boss 302 was created as a competitor to the Camaro Z/28 in the Trans AM race. And for NASCAR was created a version with V8 that developed 375 hp, which was equipped with Ram-Air and specially designed exhaust manifolds.

Technical Descriptions

What about technical descriptions, this model – The Ford Boss 302 Mustang of 1970, had an engine: The Ford Windsor V8 302; a capacity was 294 ps (216kw); power – 201 ps (198 bhp); torque-393 Nm (290 lb-ft); transmission was 4 speed; curb weight – 1464 kg ( 3228 lbs); dimensions of this model 4.76 m in long/ 1.81 m in wide/1.30, in high and the wheelbase was 2.74 m.; maximum speed 221 kph (137mph).

Also, there was one more model, which was produced in 1969, and it was a special edition- Mustang Boss 302 Special, which had such characteristics: engine- The Ford Windsor V8 302 (5.0 Liter); size- 4.9 I; capacity- 406 ps (400 bhp); power- 278 ps (274 bhp) torque- 465 Nm ( 343 lb-ft); transmission- Borg Warner T-10 4 speed; charge weight-14589 kg (3217 lbs); dimensions- 4.76 m in ling/ 1.81 m in wide/ 1.30 m high; wheelbase- 2.74 m; maximum speed- 253 kph (157 mph).


Head Image: Alexandre Prévot

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