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Zimbabwe Scores Another First Against HIV In Africa

Zimbabwe is the first African country to approve the use of cabotegravir, or CAB-LA. Cabotegravir, sold under the brand name Vocabria among others, is a antiretroviral medication used for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. It is available in the form of tablets and as an intramuscular injection, as well as in an injectable combination with rilpivirine under the brand name Cabenuva.

HARARE DECEMBER 1: In October, Zimbabwe became the first African country to approve the use of the injectable HIV prevention drug called cabotegravir.

A 32-year-old Zimbabwean woman, who requested not to be identified, said she received an injection of the HIV prevention drug while she was working in the United States.

She had been taking HIV prevention pills daily for seven years. But after she received the shot in April, and now that Zimbabwe has approved it, she is hoping to take the injection every two months.

– “I am excited that there is cabo in Zimbabwe,” she told. “It is good news. Well, I prefer the injection to the pill because the injection is convenient. You only get a shot after every two months, unlike the pill — you have to take it every day at the same time, and there is a risk of defaulting because there are a lot of things that happen during the day. In life, actually, you might go to a funeral and forget your pills at home. With this injection, you get an injection after every two months, which is six shots per year compared to tablets.”

Zimbabwe is the first African country to approve the use of cabotegravir, or CAB-LA. The United States approved the drug in December 2021, and Australia in August 2022.

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Source: VOA News

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